His & Hers: A Guide to Packing Light

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! What a great time for a romantic getaway with your favourite travel partner.

Not just for Valentine’s Day, but on every trip, we try to plan at least one night where we dress up and have a date night. However, this can sometimes affect our packing plans. We like to travel light, but with a bit of practice we’ve basically figured out how to share a carry-on sized suitcase while still bringing everything we need (and not wanting to kill each other).

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Western Canada and USA PART I: The Rocky Mountains

Growing up in Alberta, I had the opportunity to take frequent trips to the Rockies since it was only a few hours drive away to Jasper. My dad always loved driving to the mountains (my mom would read a book in the car to avoid her vertigo) so it was a trip we would make at least once every summer.

After moving to Ontario, one of the things I missed most was being such a short drive away from snow capped peaks, rushing waterfalls, and roads blocked by big horned sheep. Of course, this was an experience I wanted to share with Randolph.

After bringing up the idea of a West coast road trip through the Rockies for our first big trip together, Randolph wondered why I had this need to go back to Alberta to see mountains. “We have mountains in Ontario.” I laughed at him. He would soon learn why I call Blue Mountain a hill.

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